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5 Factors To Take Control of Your Life

5 Factors To Take Control of Your Life

“A strong person looks a challenge in the eye… and gives it a wink.” Be your strongest self with a healthy diet, moderate exercise and this smart brain boosting strategy.

Will you make 2018 the best year of your life yet?

Say this to yourself in the mirror each morning: “I don’t take crap from anyone.”

You know you’ve taken charge of your life when you have a vision for where you’re going.

Yet sometimes one of these six factors may be holding you back from the life you want. (scroll down)

AVOID these 6 factors to take charge of your life!

Ask yourself…

  1. I have negative self-talk.
  2. I don’t react with mindfulness, I let my emotions react first.
  3. I have a negative self-perception.
  4. I am unclear about what my values are.
  5. My life feels meaningless.
  6. I don’t maintain a practice or do serious work in a meaningful way.

If you stumbled with one or more of these factors, it could be psychological reasons you’re not having all you want.

It could also be that you just need a structured pathway to make yourself the hero in your own life story.

Or it could be that you’re simply not able to focus your mind and intention on connecting with your purpose.

One of the things that has happened for me is that I push myself so hard that I run my adrenal system down. Then I can’t focus. My brain gets fuzzy. And I don’t accomplish what I want.


Stress can take its toll on your actual brain processing power.

It’s hard to think with your “meta mind” if your brain is not optimally working. Stress, bad food, late hours and environmental toxins actually degrade the speed of your brain power.

If you’ve been sick or have had digestive issues, this also lowers your cognitive function.

I take brain vitamins and it has really helped me THINK.

I supplemented my body with nootropics that have increased my brain power and was able to get my life force blasting again.

Now I know “brainpower” seems a bit vague. So to let you in on what you can expect from taking nootropics. Have a look:

  • Increased attention span and focus
  • Crystal clear thinking
  • Lightning fast decision-making
  • The ability to retain and absorb new, complex information like a sponge
  • Boosted memory
  • Amplified brain synergy to help your mind work like a fine-tuned machine
  • Enhanced verbal fluency to speak eloquently with ease and relay your thoughts like a master
  • Improved overall general mood
  • Sky-high ambition like you’ve NEVER experienced before

That’s quite an impressive list. But do you know what’s even more impressive?

That it can be achieved with nothing more than supplementing your cognitive function.

Get Mental Acuity ⇒

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When you are disconnected from your purpose you withdraw from the world…

Don’t withhold your gifts.

Feel your power.

Don’t numb out on life.

Get your creative juices flowing.

Give your brain the supplements it needs to kick ass.

  • Get Laser Beam Focus & Mental Clarity
  • Improve Memory
  • Boost Energy
  • Enhance Creative Thinking

It worked for me. It can work for you.

The video on this page shows you a simple trick you can use to get laser beam focus and mental clarity, improve your memory, eliminate brain fog, and even stimulate the growth of NEW brain cells.

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