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How To Flirt And Hook-Up Online

How To Flirt And Hook-Up Online


How would you like to date a different woman every night of the week?

Before you think that’s crazy impossible, hear me out.

If you’re having trouble meeting the right women where you are right now, you’re not the only one.

You’re at a disadvantage.

Because you’re only options are limited to the women you meet every day. If you’re not the type of guy to go out a lot, you won’t get to meet as many singles ladies looking to hook up with a great guy.

And if you’re only “pool” of options are your workplace, local community, or circle of friends… you’re doomed.


A recent survey of 19,131 American couples who were married between 2005 and 2012 showed that a third of them met online.

These “online dating” couples apparently had a lower divorce rate than those couples who first met offline.

These couples also reported to be happier in their marriage than the couples who met offline.

Why is that?

My opinion is that when you’re looking for a partner online, you get to choose who you connect with.

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And you’ve also got A LOT of options to choose from.

That means the chances of you meeting someone you can truly share a connection with are through the roof.

If you’re interested in finally meeting the love of your life, give online dating a chance.

And to ensure you don’t feel lost and confused on what to do, here’s a great copy-and-paste guide you can use starting tonight .

Here are three advantages of online dating:

#1 Your competition is weak. Most of the profiles of other guys are boring. Women won’t spend a single second going through them. When they see yours, they’ll be hooked. Just as long as you follow the copy-and-paste guide here.

#2 Most of the women on these online dating sites are looking to flirt. And of course, they’re also sexually liberated. That means if you’re looking for more than just a date… you’re going to get your hands full.

#3 The average time from meetup to marriage is 18 months for couples who meet online. And for those who meet offline, it’ 42 months. Which do you prefer?

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