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Mend Your Marriage

Endearing Couple: Husband Embracing Cute Wife

Here’s a way for you to bloom once again as a couple, even if only one of you is hopeful.

I receive emails from hurting husbands and woeful wives begging for help.

They’ve tried their hardest to get the romance they used to have back into play.

And no matter what they do…

Flowers, date nights, sweet texts, back massages, foot rubs…

They’re not getting any results.

Nights are still cold. Lonely. Angry. Indifferent.

That’s because most times the other party isn’t participating (or doesn’t want to participate) in the healing process.

And this crushes the one who still wants to get things back to the way they were.

Don’t lose hope! A new year, a new dawn, a new chance at happiness and love is coming.

Hang in there, Sweetie. Even if you’re the only one doing the heavy lifting.

Because according to my friend Brad Browning, divorce and relationship coach, there’s a way for your marriage to bloom once again even if only one of you is hopeful.

And this is what he says you should do.


There are 3 stages to every relationship.

  1. Blissful
  2. Challenged
  3. Emotionally Withdrawn

“Blissful” is when you’re still feeling that initial electric high. Butterflies in your stomachs every day. You kiss each other goodnight. Each touch turns into intimate moments. And the lovemaking is unreal.

“Challenged” is when things start getting tough. You’re no longer as intimate as you were before. Fights occur every so often. Each start to focus on their own needs instead of each other’s. Yet, in this stage, both of you still love each other and want to get things back to the way they were.

“Emotionally Withdrawn” is when one or both of you have given up. Arguments and fights occur often. Cheating may or may not have already happened. And divorce is being considered.

Naturally, you want to mend your marriage when it’s still in its “Challenged” phase.

However, Brad says that even if you’re already in the worst phase of your relationship, you can still fix things and get everything back to how it was.

Things will no longer be unsaid and undone, but healing can still happen.

That’s where Brad’s program, Mend The Marriage, will play an important role.

If you feel that you’re in the 2nd or 3rd stage of a dying relationship, you’ll want to start working with this ASAP.

And according to Brad, his methods work even if you’re the ONLY one in the relationship who’s trying to fix it.

You won’t have to rely on your partner being “willing” to cooperate. You’re plugging the leaks in your sinking boat behind the scenes.

And when you’ve put everything in his program in place, your partner will realize that they STILL do love you and they want to make things work again.

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Brad lives on Vancouver Island in Canada. It’s so pretty there! Tim and I recently had a lovely dinner together with Brad and another buddy and I took this picture for you.

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