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Soulmate Sex Techniques

You and your lover are intertwined and interconnected, not just in the physical sense, but emotionally and intimately as well. You’re so caught up in each other’s dance you don’t know where they end and you begin. Your bodies, breaths, and hearts are one. Your flow is one. You now truly are Sexual Soulmates.

Here are four “embodied sex” skills that turn your mate into your sexual soulmate… even if you’ve just met…

Embodied means, “from your body,” not your mind. This is the root of sensual sex…

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Embodied sex uses your body in ways that increase intimacy. Before you go right to the four skills, there are some “ground rules” that will ensure your success in feeling like using these skills makes for the most passionate sex ever…

First, you should understand the concept of “presence.” Being present means you have your attention on the sensations and emotions between you. Try and keep bringing yourselves out of performance mode and back to your co-creative pleasure and connection.

Try to be 100% present with your partner during lovemaking. It’s a practice.

Secondly, ensure each other’s safety and create a comforting yet exciting “loverspace.” Make sure you both feel safe to be completely uninterrupted and the mood of your location is conducive to making love.

Next, lay the groundwork for surrender by using feedback loops. Make it easy to give each other feedback in the moment by acknowledging that you both desire different things each time you make love.

Then start moving each other towards pleasure by running small, seductive menus for each other. Would you like to kiss or have a sensual massage? Would you like me to play with your breasts or kiss you? Would you like me to go down on you before or after?

Keep offering hugs, touch, and sensual pleasures and ultimately you will fill each other up orgasmically.

Now that you have a solid foundation for bliss:

  • Presence
  • Loverspace
  • Feedback
  • Sensual Menus

You can integrate the embodied sex techniques below.



Your eyes are the windows to your soul.

I’m not suggesting you sit on meditation pillows and practice eye-gazing, although if you do, it’s a direct way to jack into each other’s limbic brain. That’s a bit much for most people, especially if one of you is eye-shy. I suggest you begin by looking at each other across the dinner table. Get present and truly LOOK at your partner. See them. Be seen.

Next start playing with eye contact during lovemaking. Look into each other’s eyes as you’re kissing, or pleasuring each other. Another perfect time to lock eyes is at the moment of climax. The wondrous, soulful connection that occurs in the shared appreciation of your partner in pleasure is indescribable.


Stroke your partner’s face. Their eyelids. Their lips. The back of their neck.

Trace your fingers down their spine. Tiptoe your hands all over their bodies.

Let the movement between the two of you flow as if you are one being.

Hold each other’s hands. Give each other melting hugs. Tickle and tease each other. And give each other sensual god and goddess massages.


Knowing how to slow down and synchronize your heart rates not only expands the limbic bond between you, it also goes a long way toward reducing stress levels on an everyday basis.

In the same way you can synchronize your heart rates, you can also coordinate your breathing. A tantric practice known as circular breathing is especially helpful for strengthening the bond between sexual soulmates. This is what I talked about in my last email to you.

In addition to the stress-reduction effects, breathing together has a powerful effect on your arousal. The more deeply you breathe all the way into your genitals, the more fire you’ll feel.


I’ve found that being calmed first allows me to tap into the fire of desire. That is true for about half of us. Some people need to be aroused straight away.

Others need to be calmed before we can be aroused. And sometimes we switch… Which is why reporting in from your animal and letting your lover know what you need in each moment is key.


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2. Is Susan Bratton the instructor?

Answer: No. Jaiya is the Somatic Sexologist who narrates the techniques and is also one of the stars.


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