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Dating A Woman 30 Years Younger

Dating A Woman 30 Years Younger

Not all young women are attracted to older men.

Let’s get that straight.

However, those who do simply can’t resist their charms. They literally float towards them. And they can’t help it.

Not because they’re looking for a sugar-daddy.

Not because they’re gold diggers.

But because of something deeper and more meaningful. More on that below.

I just had another male reader ask me if he’s too old to date a woman 30 years younger than him.

Well, if you ask me, of course not.

You’re NEVER too old to date. There is no age limit to falling in and finding new love. No matter what your circumstances.

Some men write to me about finding love in women half their age, and sometimes even younger than that!


And I am all for it. You just have to understand what young women want in an older man. And no, it’s not just his money. Older men have some powerful intangibles to offer. Read on.

You have to understand that so many young women these days look for mature men for lots of reasons.

One is mature men are obviously more sophisticated. They have sense, substance and class. And they would rather give true love than play games.

Another reason is that mature men are usually more experienced in lovemaking. They can take control so she can surrender and come for him.

And a third reason is that most of the time, mature men know how to pamper and take care of a young woman.

And we all just want to be loved, cherished and adored by our man.

As long as you approach them the right way, young women are very much open and receptive to dating, making love with, and even marrying more mature guys.

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