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How To Escape Chronic Disease With Natural Remedies

Wellness Beyond Limits: Chronic Disease-Free Life


Watch this natural healthcare video documentary as my gift.

I had sex standing up last night. Actually we had sex in a lot of positions! And it got me thinking about how even a year ago when I felt well enough to make love, I was lying down and Tim had to “do all the work.”

Now that I’m recovering from my brain injury and losing my gallbladder, I’ve been feeling so much more frisky! Which just makes my marriage stronger. And keeps me happier.

You can’t have good sex if you don’t have your health.

And in today’s chronic disease-filled world, people are becoming their own natural health advocates. That’s why I want to share this free movie series with you.

Award winning Director Michael Beattie has created a powerful documentary series called Live Longer, Feel Better!, and I am privileged to bring it to you as part of my inner circle.

Michael has gathered the leaders in natural healthcare to share their own personal beliefs on dementia, depression, diabetes and Alzheimer’s and all the other things that seem to afflict us as we grow older.

The truth is that these are all symptoms of one basic underlying root cause. Dr Mercola calls it “the failure to implement.” They are a predictable result of a lifetime of poor choices.

I believe this documentary series is the information you need to protect your future (and, just as importantly, hold on to your memories of the past). And your family will thank you too.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Big pharma companies make their money when you live longer, but WITH sickness and disease. It’s a GREAT business model!
  • The average woman in Europe lives ten years at the end of life when they can’t climb ten steps. That’s sad.
  • Drugs WILL NOT cure your problems. They only mask the symptoms and prohibit you from getting to the true root cause of the issue.

Think this doesn’t affect you?

6 million Americans already have Alzheimer’s.

29 million have diabetes.

The vast majority are headed for chronic illness in later life.

I believe the Live Longer, Feel Better! documentary series is an opportunity to change your course.

Live Longer, Feel Better! is the story of Michael Beattie’s journey to discover how we all can AVOID those 20 years of ill health before we die. Like him, we all want vitality and independence as we age – not a hospital bed, a nursing home and distant family memories.

This seven part documentary is that journey – and it’s presented to you at no cost.

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