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Ketogenic Nutrition: NY Times Bestselling Book Here (FREE Gift)

Ketogenic Nutrition: NY Times Bestselling Book Here (FREE Gift)

Have you heard of the Ketogenic diet?

Most people call it, “keto.” Essentially you eat no sugar and get your calories from vegetables and “good fats” like meat, fish, avocado, nuts and seeds.

This is IMPORTANT for your sexual health because:

  1. Bad fats and sugars are what give you arterial plaque which leads to ED for men and loss of clitoral sensation for women.
  2. Sugar and bad fats from french fries, packaged and fast foods also reduce your brain power. Your brain is made from cholesterol. You need good fats to think fast.

Keto diets are said to be the Holy Grail of eating because it helps you:

  • Burn off unwanted fat much faster (you replace bad fats in your cells with good fats)
  • Have better mental clarity and focus
  • And gives you boundless energy

And the cherry on top is that the foods you eat are super yummy!

Foods that were once labeled as unhealthy, are now considered “superfoods” when consumed the right way. There is a HUGE sea change in nutrition occurring and you must get informed.

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What’s wonderful about this new way of burning fat is that it’s based on real food science and not just about caloric restriction and mindless exercise.

Eating this way turns your body into a real-life fat-burning machine, optimizing fuel source so that your body uses fat as energy.

But what I absolutely adore about the Ketogenic diet is that I get to eat bacon and butter.

As well as steaks, pork chops, and lamb chops.

Give it a try. I guarantee you’ll have so much fun.

Even if you don’t go into full ketogenesis, using even a couple of these heart-healthy recipes will be better than doing nothing.

If you’ve heard of a Paleo diet? Keto and paleo are very similar. This is what the slim, toned bio-hackers are doing to get svelte and healthy.

If your arteries are blocked, your genitals won’t work. Start eating better now. Every little bit helps.

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