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How To Help Her Heal Her Emotional Issues

Captivating Beautiful Couple: Love in Bloom

Here’s something you’ll like.

Take Greg. He’s decided to cut out more than half the eligible women in his area from dating consideration.

So I give him an exciting new option he’s never considered. Something incredibly better that will skyrocket his chances of meeting beautiful, loving, eager-for-lovin’ women.


If there is one reason I do not enjoy dating divorced women it is because by the time I meet them they already have a lot of emotional issues.  It is like they keep projecting their relationship problems onto me.


Dear Greg,

Yes, women carry a lot of emotion. Learn how to coax out all that old, stuck emotion by giving them genital and g-area massages and helping them ejaculate.

It kind of “cleans out their emotional pipes.” for a woman. Squirting is like a good cry from a woman’s womb. It’s restorative for her.

And learn how to hold her very well. This is my “Best Hug In The World.” Try it.

Divorced women haven’t been held by a strong, caring, masculine lover enough.  This can be a tremendous help for a high-strung woman.​


If there’s a woman you really like, but she is emotionally flighty, try these strategies to ground and calm her nervous system and make her feel secure.

Don’t give up on divorced women. Be her hero.

Here is my recommendation on writing an online profile (this is where the women are these days) that attracts the women you seek.

Check out the workshop I did with Scot McKay on Winning with Online Dating, as well as two special programs that show you how to date younger women… and actually why they want to date older men and how to spot the ones that do.

Free Workshop: Win At Online Dating with Scot McKay and Susan Bratton

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For many reasons, 1 in 6 women prefer a man who’s older.


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  1. why do you have 2 images of a woman’s ass in our face in this article about female pleasure?! She’s giving HIM a blow job when the article is about him helping her heal her emotional issues?!!!

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