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Sexual Soulmate Advice for Single Women (VIDEO)

All Smiles: Susan Bratton with Glasses On

The #1 rule of the sexual soulmate.

Here is a video series I made for you on the six essentials to being sexual soulmates.

This came from an interview I did with Cami Elen for her

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Sexual Soulmates Strategies For Single Women ⇐ Do This On Your Next Sexual Date

Some of the concepts that will change your sex life forever include:

  • The #1 rule of the sexual soulmate is, “presence.”
  • How to set up your space in a way that supports your surrender to your pleasure together.
  • How to get anything cleared, physically or emotionally before beginning lovemaking.
  • Why giving your partner lots of feedback so he knows he’s doing a good job is vital.
  • Ways to make a man feel like he’s getting what he needs from sex with you.
  • The importance of being held and holding each other…. Allowing yourselves to syncopate your breathing and hearts.
  • And why erotic playdates to learn together and grow as lovers help keep sex getting better and better together.

Sexual Soulmates Strategies For Single Women  ⇐ Do This On Your Next Sexual Date

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