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#1 Benefit of a Multi-Orgasmic Man

Susan and Jim's Come Together Workshop

When a guy knows how to have male-multiple orgasms…

Male-Multiple Orgasm Steps Explained ⇐ Watch Now (This video expires 4/16)

This is for both men and women.

It’s about men why men who know how to be multi-orgasmic during intercourse make the most erotic, sexy lovers.

Let me explain it with a sexy story.

Imagine you are making love. You’re connected together, looking lovingly at each other.

He’s using the irresistible “pelvic thrust” that is part of the ME Breath technique we teach through Jim Benson’s program, Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men.

She’s getting stroked up in her G-Area —the roof of her vagina —which is causing it to swell with engorgement.

Her orgasms are pretty much non-stop. When he’s using this ME Breath thrust, she is basically coming the entire time he’s inside her.


They stop only to re-apply more lube.

As his pleasure builds, he stays totally relaxed, due to the way this thrust relaxes his pelvic muscles, preventing his ejaculate from creating too much pressure or forcing him over the “point of no return.”

He can just thrust, slowly, harder, faster, softer… watching her arousal and delivering just the right strokes without worrying he will come. He can give her every stroke she needs with total confidence he’s not going to come and end all the pleasure.

Because he’s relaxed, she can just surrender. She can even flip him on his back and ride him to her full heart and Yoni’s delight —having her way with his penis like it’s a tool purely for her pleasure.

And because he knows how to use the ME Breath to manage his arousal… and he’s practiced during his solo pleasuring as well as during lovemaking… he can also begin to move his urge to ejaculate up, up, up into his body instead of out his penis.

He begins to have “energy orgasms.” They feel as good as an ejaculatory climax, but nothing comes out.

He can orgasm as she orgasms. Over and over.

She sees him orgasming. It makes her feel so sexy, so uninhibited, so animalistic.

He moans. He has orgasms. And he keeps going.

These full-body, dry orgasms allow him to stay connected to her because he’s simply gassing and braking his arousal with is ME Breath.

The ME Breath uses a combination of muscle control, deep breathing (which gets her more aroused too) and the pelvic relaxation thrust that feels unbelievable to a woman.

Most guys have intercourse like a piston – ramming their rod in and out in and out.

So when a man is using this ME Breath thrust and he’s also orgasming, but NOT ejaculating, it’s the most connected, incredible lovemaking you can experience.

You enter into a state where time warps and it’s just the two of you in the most intimate, pleasure connection you’ve ever experienced. This is soulmate sex.

And of course, as a guy, you CAN ejaculate any time you want to. Most couples love to have one final, simultaneous orgasm at the end of a lovemaking session where he can release.

Having him ejaculate inside her gives his woman all the benefits of his semen, such as a boost in zinc, testosterone, serotonin and other “love hormones.”

If you’d like to watch a video workshop called, Come Together, where Jim Benson and I explain how a man can separate his ejaculation from his orgasm, click here:

Male-Multiple Orgasm Steps Explained ⇐ Watch Now (This video expires 4/16)

If you’re a man, you can learn this on your own and WOW your next lover. If you’re a couple, you can practice male-multiple orgasm together.

Practice makes perfect. And what a fun couples project it is!

Once a guy has this level of ejaculatory choice, he is not only confident but competent in his lovemaking.

Every guy can become multi-orgasmic. It is just knowing the steps.

And in this video Jim and I explain the simple steps to becoming a multi-orgasmic man.

Male-Multiple Orgasm Steps Explained ⇐ Watch Now (This video expires 4/16)

Yes You Can!

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