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3 Trick Questions To Seduce Any Woman’s Pants Off

3 Trick Questions To Seduce Any Woman’s Pants Off


Where are all the women?

Out there! Waiting for you to walk up and talk to them.

Making a connection is as simple as 1… 2… 3…

In fact, the easiest way to start a little something-something with a gorgeous woman you like is to ask her these 3 simple, under-the-radar seduction questions.


I call them “under-the-radar” because they seem like ordinary conversation questions…

And we’re obliged to answer them.

Yet, when we do… we’re actually giving you the secrets to seduce us even more.

We’re literally going to be handing you the keys to our desire out of our own free will.

When you know these questions, there’s no more reason you should be afraid of approaching any hot, gorgeous woman.

Whether in the bar, the library, the mall, at a coffee shop, on the beach… wherever!

Call them “trick questions” or whatever you like…

These 3 simple questions work on any woman.


That’s because instead of making us feel you’re hitting on us…

It switches the frame of the situation on its head…

And makes it so women will be chasing after you.

Interested? I know you are.

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The video on this page shows you exactly how you can “read any woman’s mind” and immediately know exactly what she thinks about you. Put an end to rejection, frustration and getting stuck in “the friend zone”. This is not a gimmick… It’s cutting-edge psychology combined with real-world application.

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  1. Sloane, sometimes I just get tired of articles that “promise” to tell you about, “3 Trick Questions To Seduce Any Woman’s Pants Off” when, in fact the link(s) just lead to another (usually long) sequence of how valuable, nay unthinkable to survive the daying world without them. Of course these secondary pitches are all aiming at you spending some amount of money to get access to the actual text revealing these “simple phrases”. Then you find that the Book or eBook spends 30 pages (each) explaining why each phrase the sequence you use them in is so crucial to their successfully being applied.
    According to this web page itself, you have had zero comments on this potentially very important and revealing subject, but like every other it follows the pattern. It has been at least 6 weeks since it was posted (April 2018) and …NOTHING.
    Let me suggest something (unless you have only see the commission offered and not examined the product being offered itself) that you offer your own version of the “three little phrases” with the disclaimer that these are just approximations and that you really need the full and exact story from the fellow who is selling this as THE three little, under-the-radar, seduction phrases.
    Hey, even an approximation and analysis of ONE of the three little phrases would make this introduction far superior to all the others.
    Just a (helpfully, helpful) suggestion, but worth a try, don’t you think?

    Stafford “Doc” Williamson
    Author of “The Teenage Girls’ Guide to More and Better Sex”

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