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Free “Vaginal Orgasms” How-To Video Series

Empowering Insights from Susan: Your Trusted Sex Advisor

Give or receive vaginal orgasms from intercourse.

Having orgasms during intercourse comes naturally only to a small number of women.But everyone can do it. Vaginal orgasms are a learned skill.

Giving penetration orgasms to a woman while making love with her can require some stamina. Which is why the Endurance Sale on Jim Benson’s ME Breath technique is a program you should buy if you want:

  • Everlasting stamina,
  • the ability to trigger a woman’s vaginal orgasms through intercourse
  • and to become a multi-orgasmic man.

The ME Breath technique provides all three of these benefits to men.

Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men SALE ⇐ Discover The ME Breath Technique (Sale Ends Monday)

Watch these dozen videos to give women orgasms from penetration and to become orgasmic from intercourse. ⇐ Watch Playlist


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