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How To Get Rid Of The Core Fears Running Your Life

How To Get Rid Of The Core Fears Running Your Life

In the outside world, it’s best to be careful what you say, and be “politically correct” to prevent upsetting others.

But your own relationship can be a safe haven for saying and being exactly who you are in all your glorious imperfection.

However, when you are “radically honest,” it might trigger your partner.

This “triggering” is an opportunity for growth and a learning experience that will bring you closer. You can come together and discuss what triggered you.

Because if you simply just sweep it under the rug, it might turn into an even bigger problem you can no longer control.

The reason you or your lover get “triggered” in the first place has to do with “core fears.”

Our core fears can run us, unless we identify them and heal these wounds.

Core Fears Running Your Life ⇐ Find out how to heal these core fears right here


When someone reacts or gets upset, it’s usually from a “core fear” embedded in our brains because of the way our parents raised us.

However, there’s a simple way to rewire ourselves and heal those wounds.

I interviewed a good friend of mine, Dr. Susan Campbell, specifically on this topic and her book, the “Five-Minute Relationship Repair:”

Heal Those Wounds Early On ⇐ Video interview on how to get rid of the core fears running your life

I know this is going to help improve your relationship, whether or not you and your partner easily get triggered.

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  1. Susan, I love to have oral sex with my main women. She always thinks I’m thinking about past affairs? I love her so much! She talks about how bad a boy I have been in my life. I have had three women, two I have married to and her! I don’t get it, she didn’t learn to give such great oral sex from a dildo! But why am I always the one that’s at fault! I just want to make love to her so bad. She has a hang up on past relationships that I have had.. should I think the same about her?

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