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Overcoming Triggers in Relationships: Breaking Free from Core Fears

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In the outside world, it’s best to be careful what you say and be “politically correct” to prevent upsetting others.

But your relationship can be a haven for being who you are, precisely in all your glorious imperfections.

However, being “radically honest” might trigger your partner. Being completely honest is one of the best things Tim and I ever did for our relationship. There is a comfort in knowing that you have nothing swept under the rug or withheld. But there is an art to being honest and kind at the same time.

My dear friend, Dr. Susan Campbell wrote a book called, From Triggered to Tranquil: How Self-Compassion and Mindful Presence Can Transform Relationship Conflicts and Heal Childhood Wounds.

This “triggering” is an opportunity for growth and learning that will bring you closer. You can come together and discuss what triggered you.

Because if you simply sweep upset under the rug, it may become an even bigger problem you can no longer control.

You or your lover get “triggered” in the first place because of “core fears.”

Our core fears can run us unless we identify and heal the wounds. I had the tremendous opportunity to interview Dr. Campbell about core wounding. I suggest you watch this informative video.

Core Fears Running Your Life ⇐ Find out how to heal these core fears.


When someone reacts or gets upset, it’s usually from a “core fear” embedded in our brains because of how our parents raised us.

However, there’s a simple way to rewire ourselves.

I interviewed a good friend of mine, Dr. Susan Campbell, specifically on this topic and her book, “Five-Minute Relationship Repair:”

Heal Those Wounds Early On ⇐ A video interview on how to get rid of the core fears running your life.

I know this will help improve your relationship, whether or not you and your partner easily get triggered.

I also want to give you my NEW book, The Soulmate Embrace, for FREE. 

It’s all about the perfect way to hold your partner in your arms that takes you to your loverspace. 

Time slows down to a complete stop, and your relationship heals and grows more and more beautiful with each passing second you hold each other this way. 

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2 Responses

  1. Susan, I love to have oral sex with my main women. She always thinks I’m thinking about past affairs? I love her so much! She talks about how bad a boy I have been in my life. I have had three women, two I have married to and her! I don’t get it, she didn’t learn to give such great oral sex from a dildo! But why am I always the one that’s at fault! I just want to make love to her so bad. She has a hang up on past relationships that I have had.. should I think the same about her?

    1. I think I would check to see if someone has been tracking mud In my kitchen. Also when she says your a bad boy… I think she is looking for grade validation..tell her where her starting position is Say ya you made me that way then say ass in the air Only got 8 9 hours here.. or quit dragging your feet givin you the booster shot.pull your hair back. dont let her have the last word on that.subject ever. either she’s wrong or seeing if your going to fold up like a gay waiter.or she needs approval. hell your grown heel her out and up and down.. opportunity growl man use anit 911 I know it seems it sometimes. we where both molested. so that was a challenge I buried that so deep the first 5 years she had no choice but to leave it behind. and when its family presents scaring is always issue trust. until u get them off few times lol

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