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Mineral Make Up Sample Kit

Glowing Beauty: Unveiling Annmarie Mineral Sampler

Take a look in your makeup bag.

Earlier this week I gave you coupons for sample kits for a new, wildcrafted, organic Skin Care and Essential Oils line. They also have their own mineral make up. So I got you a sample kit coupon for that too!

First, take a look in your makeup bag.

What you find may shock you: neurotoxins, carcinogens, hormone disruptors… Your skin absorbs these.

That’s why I recommend using a natural foundation like Annmarie’s Skin Care organic mineral make up.

You can get this adorable sample kit to find your perfect shade.

Your Minerals by Annmarie Multi Purpose Foundation Sample Kit ships to you for free (no matter where you live!) and comes with a $10 off coupon you can use towards any of their full-sized products.

Plus, you’ll get a sample of their signature facial oil. I’m in love with their facial oils and serums.

Learn more and get your Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation Sample Kit Here ⇒

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These organic pigmented powders blend with your moisturizer to create a natural liquid foundation. You are in control of the amount of coverage —from a tinted glow to a flawless finish.

With only four ingredients, Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation gives you peace of mind in addition to beautiful skin.

Isn’t it time to lower your toxic load?

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