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Passionate Essential Oil

Aromatherapy Marvels: EO Blends Sample

Essential oils are nature’s living energy.

Yesterday I gave you a coupon for samples of Annmarie’s Skin Care. It’s an organic skin care line I’ve fallen in love with because it’s not toxic like most chemical-laden beauty products. I don’t want to put any more “endocrine disrupting” chemicals into my system which mess with my hormonal balance.

As a special gift to my fans, the Annmarie Skin Care team put together two kits with samples of their new essential oil parfum blends.

Annmarie’s line also includes wildcrafted essential oil blends that are just as pure and fantastic as their skin care. My favorite is Passionate.

Essential Oil Passion Blend

What’s amazing about these blends is that not only are the scents balanced to perfection, but they each have a unique aromatherapy that helps you set your intention.

Whether you use them as perfume or in a diffuser, choosing the right essential oils can help you elevate the mood and feelings you want to manifest.

Perfume, like skin care, can contain dozens of nasty chemicals that aren’t included on the label. So the goal with their line of essential oil parfum blends was to create something pure, something totally natural, and something that you could use to smell and feel amazing.

While one essential oil on its own provides benefits, using synergistically blended oils creates a more in-depth aromatherapy experience. With blends called Passionate, Love, Vibrance, Grounded and Calm… You will get just that!

You can choose one of them and get it for free! You just pay for shipping and handling. You’ll also get a $10 off coupon with your order to use on a future purchase.


If you want to get one of these kits for free (you pay shipping and handling), simply click the link below and choose your kit!

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