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How The Proverbial Nice Guy Ravishes A Woman

How The Proverbial Nice Guy Ravishes A Woman

See 3 seductive pictures …

Mark writes:

“I was intrigued when you wrote about the look a guy can give a woman that says, “I might bang your brains out.”


But I’m the proverbial nice guy. Picking up women is not my strong suit.


To be honest, alluding to sex causes me to go into “Southern Gentleman” mode. As a 51-year old man who was raised to mind my manners and be chivalrous I have a hard time pulling this off.


Any suggestions on what a nice guy can do to intrigue a woman?


Thank you for all your great advice.” ―The Southern Gentleman


If you’ve been programmed by your family and culture to think that sex is dirty and “nice guys don’t seduce women,” here are some ways to reverse that limiting belief.

First of all, women have as much sexual desire as men. But like you, it’s been beaten out of them by cultural conditioning. So the first thing you must do is know that she wants to have sex as much as you want to have sex IF the conditions are right.

She has to trust you. So being and projecting that you are a man of integrity whom she can trust is extremely important.

Secondly, thinking about yourself as a lover who will bring her pleasure will get you out of the mindset that you are being greedy or forcing her to do something she doesn’t want. She wants a great lover. If you feel you are that man, it will help her get that vibe from you.

Third, it’s time to get your sexy on! What can you do to cultivate that side of you that is raw and animalistic and desirous?

My best advice is to watch these three short videos that Susan made so that you get very specific ideas of how to project that seductive, animalistic side that draws women to men like that. (scroll down)


Watch these videos. They will give you some ideas you can fantasize about to start becoming more of a lover in your own mind.

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