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JFK’s Declassified Sex Secret (FREE Book)

Did you know JFK was known to be a legend in the bedroom?

Yes, that JFK.

He was also known to have crippling back pain throughout his life due to a football injury in college and after sustaining more injuries during WWII.

Yet, despite having debilitating pain, he still had an amazing sex life.

What was his secret?


JFK’s  personal physician, Dr. Janet Travell, was a leader and specialist in chronic pain.

She used a technique called Trigger Point Therapy by telling him to do specific positions during sex to help relieve his back pain.

Trigger points happen when your muscles undergo some form of trauma from car accidents, falls, sports-related injuries, and more.

They’re also caused by simple, everyday issues like muscle strain, repetitive movements, postural strain, emotional stress, and more.

And according to this recent development, trigger points were ignored by traditional doctors in the past, that’s why many people are still in chronic pain even up to now.

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