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The New Rules Of Dating

The New Rules Of Dating

Tell me if this ever happened to you with a girl you met.

On Monday she messages you. Seems totally into you.

The connection feels “real”. You start thinking she might be “the one.”

Then you’re planning future dates. Imagining her naked. Back arched. Panties sliding off.

It feels so close.

But by Wednesday she’s responding a little more slowly than she used to. By Thursday she’s texting one word replies like “OK” or “Ha”… By Friday the excuses start…

‘It’s a crazy week! Sorry.’

By Sunday…

She’s gone. This is because you don’t know how the game is played these days. It changed practically overnight! And guys who haven’t adapted are seeing the consequences.


In the past if a woman was out and about and attractive, she might have had a couple guys a week try to talk to her, or ask for her number.

If she was more shy or didn’t put herself out there, she might go months without a guy even flirting with her.

This is why it used to be easy to wind up dating a co-worker or girl from your social scene.

You were competing against a very small pool of men.

When you’re competing with less guys and less distractions you have more time to work your magic.

And she could get to know the ‘real you’.

And even if you weren’t her first choice or her usually type she would eventually fall for you.

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⇐ The End Of Dating As We Know It?

My friend Rob has done a lot of “real world” research on this.

And he found that there is a set of New Rules you must follow if you wanted to continue your dating spree… or find someone you could invite into your life for good.

To not only prevent women from growing bored or quickly rejecting you, but actually make girls more attracted and committed to you…

So much so that she completely shuts other guys out of her life completely.

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