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The New Trick To Losing Weight That Works

Sheri and Victor Weight Loss: Inspiring Transformation

Squeezing into your old clothes, or getting the figure to confidently wear a sexy string bikini gets tougher as we age.

I can relate. Some of my girlfriends can too.

A few of them have tried losing weight for years to no avail.

They tried whatever famous diets have come and gone, but they still haven’t reached their fitness goals.

Now, I don’t believe it’s their fault.

Because I know those women, and they DID try their best.

However, just recently I discovered an interesting factor that not a lot of people understand about how our bodies burn fat.

It’s not just about the foods you eat or how much exercise you do.

It’s something called Metabolically Activated Tissue, and understanding this could be the key to my girlfriends’ (and maybe even your own) weight loss success story.


Metabolically Activated Tissue, or M.A.T.s are a special kind of tissue in our body that when activated helps burn over 50% of your daily caloric intake.

Imagine a fat-burning mechanism in your body you can call on for help.

Now, you may think M.A.T.s are simply muscle tissue. But they’re not.

M.A.T.s burn 255% more calories than muscled do. And to activate them, your body first has to produce a certain kind of hormone.

All that and more is explained in vivid detail on this website.

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Pass this on to as many friends as you can, especially those who are still struggling with their weight.

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