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Does Penis Size Really Matter?

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

If you want to know proven and effective ways to add inches (and girth) to your manhood…

Men have been asking me ad nauseum about whether or not penis size REALLY matters to women.

The truth is… it DOES matter.

But not in the way you think.

The size of your strong, hard manhood matters because of a few factors:

#1. Women’s Preferences

#2. Sex Positions

#3. Male Sexual Performance

I’m going to talk about these below, but if you’re the kind of guy who wants to increase the size of their man-cannons quick…


#1. Women’s Preferences.

Some women like it BIG.

These women want to feel every mile of their man’s penis inside her, filling her up and giving her the ride she’s been longing for all her life.

And on the other side of the spectrum, there are some women who want more shallow thrusts.

The size of a woman’s vaginal canal also varies. So for one woman she may want a more girthy or lengthy penis. Another woman wants a man on the smaller side. You can’t let porn make you feel that you are anything but totally normal.

#2. Sex Positions.

Some sex positions are better suited for biggers guys…

While other sex positions work best for men with average-sized nor smaller man-cannons, and even make them seem bigger and go deeper than usual.

#3. Male Sexual Performance.

Guys with bigger manhoods usually just depend on their sheer mammoth size. So they may skip out on gentle foreplay, light kissing, slow sensual massages, and passionate sex… which is what MOST women want.

While men with average-sized penises feel they need to give their women more thorough foreplay, romancing, passionate lovemaking, and even a variety of sex positions and techniques… which are KEY components for phenomenal sex.

Final thoughts?

Just because a man’s got a gigantic manhood doesn’t mean he’s a better lover than men with average-sized penises.

But size DOES matter, and it’s all in HOW you use what you have accordingly.

If you want to know proven and effective ways to add inches (and girth) to your manhood, my friend Alex Allman knows how to help you Unleash The Beast.

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