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Why Tinder And Facebook Has Changed Dating Forever (VIDEO)

Sexy Lady Chillin: Effortless Elegance

Everything about dating has completely CHANGED over the last few years.

How you met girls and kept them attracted to you in the past, just doesn’t work anymore. (as you probably already noticed)

How could it?

Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, dating apps have created a “new set of rules” that you MUST play by.

And just recently, Facebook announced they’re getting into the online dating game.

That’s a game-changer!

Yet… chances are, you’re still playing by the OLD, OUTDATED RULES.

And the minute a girl picks up on the fact you don’t ‘get it’… no matter how much she liked you, she disappears.

Whether she’s a new girl you like, a co-worker, an old friend, an ex-lover, or your current girlfriend.

If the girls you want keep slipping away, rejecting you, or just don’t seem interested I can almost guarantee you haven’t adjusted your game for the modern times.

And right now, everyone’s learning that it’s either adapt… or die alone.

And it all starts with the #1 rule which you’ll discover in my friend Rob’s new video.

This video explains exactly what has changed and what you need to do right now.

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