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Best Essential Oils For Stress And Anxiety

Lower your anxiety with oil.

Whether you’re on a prescription medication for anxiety, or you just feel anxious, there are things you can do to lower stress and tension.

Stress makes a bad bedfellow with sex.

Women are especially prone to anxiety because we are estrogen dominant. Estrogen has it’s eye on everything all the time, where testosterone-driven men are wired to be more single-minded and goal-oriented.

So if you’ve ever had a hard time settling into your intimate connection, or you’re with a woman who is, “too stressed for sex,” or you are anxious yourself and it’s affecting your bedroom performance… Here is a simple thing that might help you get out of your head and into your body: Essential Oils.

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Essential oils are a natural alternative for anxiety. Even Town and Country magazine, a “lifestyles of the rich and famous” publication that offers cutting-edge concepts had an article on using essential oils to relax. So if the rich are doing it, you might want to try it too, because essential oils are affordable.

Don’t give up the candlelight in your bedroom, though. Just add an essential oils diffuser (you can get them on Amazon, Alibaba and Lazadas) to your bedroom “loverspace.”

Scents trigger arousal. Just like pheromones affect the olfactory bulb, sending messages to your limbic system to calm down.

As a special gift to my fans, the Annmarie Skin Care team put together two kits with samples of their new essential oil parfum blends.

Annmarie’s line also includes wildcrafted essential oil blends that are just as pure and fantastic as their skin care. My favorite is Passionate.

Essential Oil Passion Blend

What’s amazing about these blends is that not only are the scents balanced to perfection, but they each have a unique aromatherapy that helps you set your intention.

Whether you use them as perfume or in a diffuser, choosing the right essential oils can help you elevate the mood and feelings you want to feel.

Even better, perfume, like skin care, can contain dozens of nasty chemicals that aren’t included on the label. So the goal with their line of essential oil parfum blends was to create something pure, something totally natural, and something that you could use to smell and feel amazing so you’re not adding more toxins to your body.

While one essential oil on its own provides benefits, using synergistically blended oils creates a more in-depth aromatherapy experience. With blends called Passionate, Love, Vibrance, Grounded and Calm… You will get just that!

You can choose one of them and get it for free! You just pay for shipping and handling. You’ll also get a $10 off coupon with your order to use on a future purchase.

If you want to get one of these kits for free (you pay shipping and handling), simply click the link below and choose your kit!

Hey, everyone responds to different things to get turned on. But scent is essential. So why not try these adorable samples and see if it increases YOUR passionate connection!

Semen is also an antidote to anxiety for women. Have you ever seen a woman who obviously needed a good sex session? You know what I mean, right?

Semen has testosterone which increases her confidence and lowers her anxiety. Semen also has serotonin which boosts her mood. So if you can have more fluid-bonded sex, it can really help calm stress for both men and women.

Here’s a video where I talk all about the benefits of semen for women:

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