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How To Last For Over 30 Minutes In Bed And Conquer PE

How To Last For Over 30 Minutes In Bed And Conquer PE

My good friend (and leading sex and relationship expert) Jack Grave has taught literally THOUSANDS of other men how to beat PE and last as long as he can.

So I’m really excited to share with you his all-natural secret to lasting longer in bed.


Many men who struggle with PE UNKNOWINGLY have issues with the muscles in their pelvis.

Let me put my science hat on for a second (stick with me – it’s worth it!)

One of these muscle groups is called the “BC” (bulbocavernosus) muscles – in men, they’re found between the urinary tract and the base of your manhood.

When you’re aroused, these muscles contract, forcing blood into the storage section of your manhood.

This blood makes your member’s muscle fibres contract, so it curves upwards towards the body.

Congratulations… you’ve now got a firm hard-on.

Contracting those muscle fibres also pushes liquid (i.e. semen) out of your manhood – that’s your sexual climax.


If you’ve got control over when the BC muscles contract and relax during sex, then you’ll also have control over the moment you climax…

And so you won’t finish too early, and can keep pleasuring your woman for longer.

There’s several routines you can use to strengthen the BC muscle and make it act like a “valve”…

That means you can close or expel whenever you choose.

Here’s a simple exercise you can use to start strengthening these muscles.

The next time you’re in the bathroom, deliberately hold back your flow as you’re about to urinate.

The muscle you feel contracting whilst doing this is one of the BC muscles –and one that you need to strengthen.

Contracting and relaxing this muscle repeatedly –in repetitions of 10 to start with —is a great starter exercise to work the muscle harder and gain control over when it expels your semen.

Give it a try.

I bet you’ll be surprised at how much difference this makes.

Oh, and if you’d like more more advanced exercises for working these muscles out more thoroughly…

To develop absolutely incredible stamina and send your woman wild with pleasure for longer than you ever thought possible…

Then go check out my friend Jack Grave’s video training on how he went from lasting only 10 seconds – to over 30 minutes in bed!

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  1. With all the male enhancement pills on the market now, I’ve found that you MUST NOT eat before taking any of these pills, and planning on having sex as the blood in your body’s system will automatically be diverted to your stomach to assist in digesting the food you just ate and not be available to help you get a satisfying erection.

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