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Living An Orgasmic Life (Xanet Pailet Book Giveaway)

Living An Orgasmic Life (Xanet Pailet Book Giveaway)

Xanet Pailet was in a sexless marriage for 25 years. Until the day a lover gave her an orgasm that steered her into a new career as a sex coach.

This former lawyer from New York is now a published author from San Francisco, living her dream.

I had lunch with Xanet this week and got a free copy of her book to give away:

Living An Orgasmic Life: Heal Yourself and Awaken Your Pleasure

Reply to the email  I sent and tell me why you should be the one I chose to mail this book to.

I’ll pick my favorite and get it out to the winner.

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  1. Hello Susan; my name is John Dunn. I have recently started to see a excellent woman who is completely shut down to physical intimacy due to years of abusive marriage. Her mental and physical response to potential love and intimacy is near zero. She is a mature woman age 60 is reluctant to open to what can be ahead of her and to put the past behind her. This book seems to be a key that may allow her to see what the world can hold with a decent man as myself. I have been a client of Personal Life for years and have gained much knowledge and would like to share explore with a deserving excellent woman. john dunn thank you for your consideration.

  2. The jade egg and i would really appreciate your book as i love reading and desperately need love and abundance in my life bless you ?

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