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How To Tone Your Vagina By Using A Jade Egg

How To Tone Your Vagina By Using A Jade Egg

I was at a party recently and hid out on the host’s bed with a sweet woman I met there. We didn’t want to be part of the ceremonies going on in the living room. #youbeyou So we chilled on Kevin’s bed and chatted.

Turns out Michele loves her jade egg too. She works with a lot of women with inability to orgasm, reduced libido and pelvic pain. And she recommends jade eggs to them as a part of the nurturing sequence to whole sexuality.

She was telling me about how she doesn’t have a partner right now, so she uses her jade egg to keep herself juicy and turned on. She relies on her sexual vitality as part of her life force. So when she’s solo, she uses her jade egg to keep her sexual vibrations high.

I wanted you to know that the Jade Egg we recommend from the world’s leading jade egg expert, Saida Desilets comes with nine audio visualizations for you.

“Place one hand on your heart and one on your womb…Gently ask permission of your body to do this practice..

Allow your breath to be full..

Connecting your heart and your womb.”

When I have time to just relax for myself, to get in touch with my body and my desire, I listen to a guided visualization.

I love lying in bed with my headphones on, listening to one of these guided sessions with my egg.

You get a dozen videos to show you how to use the Jade Egg when you get Saida’s genuine Nephrite jade egg.

Jade eggs prevent incontinence, increase your orgasmic intensity, and make your vagina incredible feeling during intercourse. And that’s just the beginning of the benefits of a jade egg.

Go check out the product we LOVE.

Tone Your Vagina and Get Super Wet ⇒

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