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Give It To Her Pulsating, Wet, Love Hole

Give It To Her Pulsating, Wet, Love Hole

Did you know one single sperm from your seme contains 37.5 MB worth of DNA information?

It also means one ejaculation from you represents a data transfer of 15,875 GB, equivalent to the combined capacity of 62 MacBook Pro laptops!

Suddenly computers don’t look that impressive when compared to what Mother Nature’s been using for years.

But it will certainly impress and WOW your woman if you can do THESE for her in bed…


Make no mistake… it’s now 2018, and women are more empowered in the bedroom and beyond than ever before, so if you want your girl to be happy, you want to make sure you are satisfying her in the sack as well.

For most men, there’s nothing more mysterious than what TRULY turns a woman on and make her juices flow, but once you unlock that secret, she’ll be yours forever.

Look, if you ever find yourself wondering if there are any REAL “secrets” to being great in bed, here’s a simple truth that will help you out…

According to a new study by the Indiana University School of Public Health, the majority of women (73% to be exact) wants more stimulation of another kind during sex. Because they’re clearly not getting enough.

So obviously you have to do more than the usual “put your P in her V”.

I repeat: Sticking it in her isn’t enough. You need to get your hands and fingers busy, too.

And some of the best ways to give your woman EPIC-level pleasure that will completely knock her socks off?

You can’t go wrong with these…

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Women love a man who can take control when it comes to pleasuring her, and no matter what you look like, how big you are, or what your body type is, there is nothing a woman finds sexier than a man who knows what he’s doing in bed.

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