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Here’s The Trick To Becoming A Master Of Seduction

Here’s The Trick To Becoming A Master Of Seduction


You are the kind of guy who is always looking to take his sex life up a notch.

I love that about you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re single or married, you know the one of the biggest keys to having more and more sex is to have the skill to influence a woman’s desire for you.

You get more sex when you can walk up to a beautiful stranger, your pretty friend at work, your girlfriend, or even your wife and seduce her with integrity.

But going head on with with a woman pretty much backfires… we need you to be more subtle.

I’m talking about true, under-the-radar, psychological, silent seduction.


A lot of men are under the false impression that in order to get laid, they have to have good looks, or game. Or at least be filthy rich.

It’s foolishness. The best women don’t want to be gamed. We don’t want a guy with money. We can get our own.

And believe me, just because a guy has looks doesn’t mean he’s any good in bed.

The way to seduce women isn’t with the words that you say.

It’s in the subtle things that you do. The moves that women ALWAYS notice in the corner of their eye.

And moves that register in her mind as a “green light” for romance, flirtation, and sex.

The art of eye contact and body language is much more powerful than anything you can say. Until you get her in the bedroom and then the dirty talk starts! (I’m working with Suz on some new dirty talk ideas for you…)

For now, get her INTO the bedroom with this:

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