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How To Bounce Up Your Energy

How To Bounce Up Your Energy

Free this week only.

Do you want to have boundless energy and feel happy?

Then keep reading. Because I have a fantastic plan to get you to DOUBLE your energy and zest for life (including your sex life).

As I write this to you I am on the first day of a 5-day fast. I plan to do one each month for the next 90 days. I’ll let you know how it goes.

With this particular fast, I’m resetting my insulin levels and putting myself into what is called, “autophagy.” (aw toff a gee) My Dad has Alzheimer’s which they now call Type 3 Diabetes, so I have to be very aware not to overdrive my insulin.

Autophagy is where your cells clean themselves up and go through cellular rejuvenation. I call this the “Clean and Lean Fast” because not only does it release your body’s stem cells to repair problems, it also slims down people’s bellies. Which is where I hold my weight.

Now I’m not writing to get you to go on a fast. I’m actually here to give you a free resource that will help you get as smart about your own body as I am getting with mine. I couldn’t have written this to you even six months ago… But I’m learning a lot fast by listening to experts like the ones below.

Keep reading.

When I started turning my health on in a big way I began by learning how to eat “clean.” And I had to learn about how to balance my hormones with the help of a doctor.

In today’s world, you have to become your own best health advocate. You can’t just rely on your doctor, if you’re lucky enough to afford one. To keep yourself in top shape, you have to figure stuff out yourself.

I learned all the top bio-hacks for women by trying them myself first.


For example, what you eat can make you anxious. Yet there are amino acids that can manage your stress and anxiety. There is a connection between your gut health and your hormonal balance. Chronic fatigue can make you gain weight. And there is a microbiome-fatigue connection. (Even your breast implants can make you sick.)

Sleep, moods and focus can all be improved if you know the right set of things to do.

You can even heal debilitating fatigue and auto-immune diseases. Or create your own protocol to heal chronic infections. Even when your doctor can’t identify the causes and cures for auto-immunity, you can find this information out yourself.

You can correct PCOS, Endometriosis, Thyroid, dental problems, brain fog, weight issues… And you can learn about exciting new holistic health modalities such as KETO diets, CBD, essential oils, functional medicine, stem cell therapy, and these fasting mimicking diets like the one I’m on right now.

And though it may seem like a lot, when you have experts explain it to you, it makes it kinda all fall into place in your head over time.

Which is why I want you to go register for this free online series of talks that you can have for one week starting TODAY. It’s called, Healing Rosie: The Fix For Female Hormones.

But it goes WAY beyond hormones and gives you vital information on everything I’ve mentioned (except the diet I’m on — that’s just what’s up with me today).

It’s only free for one week. So go now and consume the talks that interest you. Misty releases a handful each day. You have to listen the day it’s released. And then it expires. So go now and make sure you get access.

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