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Slow Sweet Intimacy Videos

Slow Sweet Intimacy Videos

If you’re a man, this is what your woman wants:

He holds you.

He kisses your eyelids.

He strokes your hair.

His lips brush yours.

He gazes into your eyes and takes a whiff of you.

His smile tells you that you are the goddess he worships.

If you’re a woman, this sounds just amazing, doesn’t it?

All it takes is knowing how.

Which is why I took it upon myself to curate a warm, sensual, and most of all, TASTEFUL video program that honors the passionate gods and goddesses inside us all.

I made my Steamy Sex Ed Video Collection® for couples to watch together, singles to prepare for when they find “The One”, and for lovers who want heart-connected, slow, sensual intimacy.

When I tell women this is my “Boyfriend (or Husband) Lover’s Training Program” they get all excited and beg me for it!

Guys will love learning over 200 goddess-worshipping skills.

But more importantly, most women will appreciate the heart-connected lovemaking techniques that are displayed so tastefully.

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Men are used to watching “adult entertainment,” which means he gets no education about how to REALLY love a woman.

So you have to take it on yourself to learn the right way to make sweet, heart-connected love.

My video program is all about becoming a passionate lover.

You will both love it. And if you’re the woman, he will love you (and make love to you) so passionately because of what this program will show you.

The candlelit sets are draped in silk and satin and showcase sensual massage and lover’s techniques.

That creates a winning experience for both of you because my Steamy Sex Ed® Videos are heart-connected, conscious lovemaking techniques portrayed by couples who are handsome and pretty but NOT TOO PERFECT.

I’m having a sale coming up. I always sell out of copies during my sale. So click here to get on the VIP List and get one day advanced notification.

Get In The VIP List ⇐ Over 200 Heart-Connected Lovemaking Moves To Wow Yourselves Into Devotion And Passion

Sweetie, I want you to sign up to the VIP list, even if you’re not yet sure you want to get Steamy. Here’s why.

I’m so proud of these videos, that I just want you to see the preview videos for yourself.

Plus, there’s absolutely no obligation to buy.

You can decide for yourself that you want to get the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection during the SALE… or wait for next time whenever that may be… and whenever you’re ready for phenomenal lovemaking.

You decide. Just go sign up for VIP. You deserve to be there anyway.

Get On The VIP List ⇐ Absolutely No Obligation To Buy Right Now (Take A Peek At The Preview Videos)

There will only be a limited number of copies. And we usually sell out days before the sale ends. So I suggest you sign up for the VIP list to get your copy before everybody else gets the chance to order theirs.

So if you want to be at the head of the line, in front of every

Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection VIP List ⇐ Jump To The Head of the Line!


Susan is a trusted advisor to millions of lovers who want lifelong intimacy and passion. Known for her programs including her #1 international best-seller, Sexual Soulmates, Relationship Magic, 30 Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic, Revive Her Drive and the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection, Susan is beloved by couples worldwide for helping them keep the flame of passion alive in their relationships.

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