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Free Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet (Holiday Gift Idea)

Free Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet (Holiday Gift Idea)

Want a neat HOLIDAY gift idea? Read on for something cute, thoughtful, interesting… and most of all, FREE! You, your loved ones, and friends are going to love this.

I’ve got something really cool and interesting I’d like to share to you today.

For a limited time only, you can claim your FREE Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet when you click the link below.

The bracelet is FREE, just pay shipping to the US it’s $11.95. To Canada it’s $21.04. To Australia it’s $24.22 and so on.

If you haven’t heard of Reiki, scroll down for a quick explanation.


So what is Reiki Energy Healing?

The word “Reiki” is composed of two Japanese words; Rei and Ki, which mean “spirit” and “energy” respectively.

Ki, or Chi is the non-physical energy that is believed to be in all things. It’s similar to what other people call “life force.”

For thousands of years, light-workers and energy healers have been using this method to provide mental clarity, stress reduction, health improvement, and more.

And all you have to do is wear this special bracelet adorned with beautiful and colorful gemstones.

Wear this Reiki Energy Healing Bracelet to tap into the energy of the Universe, as well as remove unwanted energy from your life.

Get yours before they run out!

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Dr. Patti Taylor



  1. I really love it Dr and I thank you for what you are doing to me. Thank you.

  2. I want the bracelet books

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