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How To Attract And Seduce Women Without Becoming #MeToo Roadkill

How To Attract And Seduce Women Without Becoming #MeToo Roadkill


Have you ever thought twice about walking up to someone you like and telling them how you feel?

Not because of a lack of things to say… not because of a lack of confidence…

These days, it’s getting especially tougher for men to approach women. When you think about it… it’s nerve-wracking for guys to make the first move.

But women STILL want you for hot sex. You have to keep that in mind.

So you have to adjust. And THIS is the greatest new advice I’ve seen out there:


Andrew is a pretty cool guy. He’s also a dating and attraction expert.

His video talks about 7 powerful “sexual triggers” that make women want to go after you.

You won’t have to risk being called “overly-aggressive” by a girl you just want to talk to.

You no longer have to worry about getting attacked by hordes of feminists and becoming #MeToo roadkill.

Just launch these triggers, sit back, and watch women draw closer to you, insist on spending more time with you, get closer…

And even want to have some hot sex.

All with their full unadulterated consent.

Because instead of doing aggressive, pushy, pick-up-style approaches…

You’re making women chase YOU.

Isn’t that more fun and exciting?

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