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How Soulmates Find Each Other (Real-Life Stories)

How Soulmates Find Each Other (Real-Life Stories)

A dear friend of mine, Luba Evans, interviewed over 180 couples who truly believe they are soulmates.

She wanted to know how they “attracted” each other, and how their relationships came to be. She wanted to hear their love stories.


One woman “visualized” her soulmate every night for 3 years and found him one morning while getting coffee.

Another woman “claimed” her man with 100% confidence in the middle of a hurricane… and they’ve been happily married ever since.

Another did transformational breathing work which opened up her heart-space and lead her soulmate right to her barely a week later.

You want to hear more?

Luba compiled everything she discovered from these 180 soulmates and created a guide to helping any woman attract their perfect soulmate.

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