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7 Ways to INSTANTLY Make Her Want You

7 Ways to INSTANTLY Make Her Want You

The second you meet a woman you like, attractions have already started.

She’s going to be “scanning” you from top to bottom.

Women look at how you stand, how you walk, how you talk to her, and how you react to her “tests.”

She’s going to try and decide rationally whether you’re right for her.

However, that’s not the case at all. In fact, it’s her emotions that choose for her.


As a guy, you might try to address the “logical” reasons for a woman to want you.

You might start going to the gym for those abs and muscles. You might buy an expensive car to attract hot women.

Yet these aren’t what truly controls her decisions.

You can “buy” her logical brain all you want. But it’s her emotional brain that has the final say.

Why do you think lots of women go for bad boys instead of employed, loyal, and morally good men?

A woman’s emotions get the best of her.

If you know how to massage her emotions to a state of wanting you bad, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a dad bod, drive a Moped, or just an average guy.

She’ll still want you.

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