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Amazing New Shockwave Torch

Amazing New Shockwave Torch

Here’s a couple of gift ideas that are so totally “out of the box” and crazy they are BANNED in certain states and counties.

That just about ANY guy would love.

If you’re a woman, I’m sure you know a guy who would really enjoy having one of these as a gift during the holidays. Husband? Boyfriend? Brother? He’s going to love this.

Our good friends from the Patriot Wholesale Club are having HUGE discounts on their items.

These items are only available for shipping to US addresses and some of them are so unique that they’re BANNED in some states. Here are 3 items you are going to like…



This amazing NEW Shockwave Torch makes bad guys sh*t their pants in terror.

Advanced military units like the Navy SEALs, Delta Force, and Army Rangers all recommend Americans to carry tactical torches like these every day.

Bright enough to temporarily blind an attacker, and powerful enough to stop the heart of a merciless thug.

It’s also built like a tank, making it near-impossible to break and wear out.

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⇐ Super-Bright LED Torch That Packs A 4.5-Million-Volt Punch In The Gut (Buy ONE And Get An Elite Tactical Backpack FREE)


When you buy ONE (1) Shockwave Torch, you also get an Elite Tactical Backpack FREE!

This cool-looking tactical backpack retails for $90, but you can get it at no charge when you get your Shockwave Torch.

This backpack helps you keep crucial gear organized and safe. Built to stand up to abuse, not just everyday wear and tear.

It also adapts to tough environments with its military-grade MOLLE system.

Not only is it super handy, but it also looks cool and manly.  

Now, with a Shockwave Torch and an Elite Backpack, there’s ONE more thing missing from your Patriot starter pack.



Made by one of the world’s best-known knife-makers, and with a stamp of approval from Bear Grylls (former British Special Forces and world-famous survivalist), this is one of the most high-quality knives you can get.

And right now, you can get it for an incredibly discounted price, but please note this is only available for shipping to US addresses.

This badass blade opens as fast as lightning, tougher than nails, and feels amazing in your hand.

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 ⇐ Badass Knife, Opens Fast As Lightning, Feels Awesome In Your Hand (HUGE Discount)


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