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Depression and Lack of Testosterone

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OMG now I’m telling you to shine light on your balls.

Has it come to this?!?


But seriously, did you know your genitals could benefit greatly from red light or near-infrared light therapy?

It may sound funny at first, but there are studies that support it.

In fact, I first heard of it from my famous friend Ben Greenfield, whose podcast I was just on talking about biohacking sex.

He explained that shining red light, or near-infrared light on your body has been done to treat many conditions from pain, muscle aches, skin conditions, osteoarthritis and even depression.

Red light has systemic effects on your blood circulation, so it would make total sense to shine it on your genitals. I do it in the morning with my legs spread wide open.

Red Light Therapy stimulates ATP production in men’s Leydig cells (the cells responsible for testosterone production,) increasing energy that is available for the cells.

This leads to more testosterone production. And your WHOLE BODY benefits from this soft, crimson glow.


You may want to shine the red light on your bodies as well.

Tim and I make love by it — but keep it pretty far away when we do, because you’re not to overdo it.

Just 15-20 minutes at a time. And our lovemaking lasts longer. The Red Rush 360 should be from 6”-12” away. When we make love it’s feet away.

PLUS, red light in your bedroom looks seductive on you and your partner’s body.

Here are some of the recommended protocols:

  • Fat Loss – Shine it on places you want to lose fat.
  • Cellulite Reduction – Target the light on the cellulite.
  • Immune Health – Target the thymus gland in the center of the chest.
  • Skin Anti-Aging – Front and back of body before bed or when you get up.
  • Brain Performance, Mood Enhancement (Combatting Anxiety and Depression), or Brain Healing – Forehead and neck work best if you have hair.
  • Sleep Enhancement – 1.5 to 2 hours before bed shine the light on the back of your neck and spine.

There are many, many more treatments outlined for fatigue, injury, workout performance and more.

These red lights are going to become more and more popular.


ANOTHER benefit, that’s related to testosterone production stood out for me.

Red light therapy may help with depression in men.

How so?

I recently read about a study about 27 randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials involving a total of 1890 men found that testosterone treatment was associated with a significant reduction of depression symptoms.*

Depression, as you probably already know, is rampant right now.

The World Health Organization has declared depression to the leading cause of disability worldwide. And current pharmacological treatment isn’t really helping much.

Researchers found a connection between depression and lack of testosterone. The clinical trials praised the influence of testosterone treatment in the improvement in depressive symptoms.

Feel depressed? Know someone who does?

“Shine some light on it.”

Bathing in this beautiful red glow is worth it. For A LOT of reasons.

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on the 27 clinical trials that revealed how testosterone treatment helps fight depression. Check it out.

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