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How To To Have A Passionate And Sexually Charged Relationship

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When you tap this new Playmate Switch technique from my friend and trusted sex expert Alex Allman, your lady will begin to tingle from head-to-toe with a full-body rush of intense pleasure and arousal.

A split second later, you’ll witness a sexual chain reaction happen to your lady.

Her heart begins to thump… she starts breathing faster… and she feels butterflies between her legs…

At the same time, her sex hormones skyrocket. Her face, neck and chest get pink and flushed… her nipples stiffen inside her bra cups… and she may feel her labia sliding together with a wetness she all but forgot was possible.

The result? Your woman experiences a sudden rush of sexual attraction… intense lust… and an overwhelming desire for you to take her.


And this sexual chain reaction happens fast. In fact, one study found it takes just 2/10 of a second! That’s literally as fast as saying the word “sex.”

It’s the same switch that is activated automatically by the excitement of forbidden romance, new love, and the thrill of being with a new man…

When that sudden rush of desire hits her, she has no choice but to give in to the desires of her body.

That’s because your woman’s secret Playmate Switch is in the deepest, most primal level of her brain – the part that controls gut-level animal emotions like fear, anger, and LUST.

In other words, she has no idea this hidden sex switch even exists. All she knows is how it makes her feel.

And frankly, it wouldn’t matter even if she did know. She’d still throw herself at you in that sweet, girlie way you remember from the newlywed period when you guys were so hot for each other you had sex every time you were together.

But don’t worry. Despite the power of this secret Playmate Switch, there’s nothing unethical about using it.

In fact, this secret trigger also restores that giddy head-over-heels in-love feeling she had back in the honeymoon days of your relationship – a feeling every woman craves at her deepest level.

Your woman desperately wants… and even needs you to hit her playmate switch in the right way on a daily basis. Even if she doesn’t know it…

Women NEED the release of orgasm. And if you’re her mate, it’s in your mutual best interest to flip her switch regularly.

You know that women who don’t get laid regularly get cranky, negative, and even depressed. Too many wives are on antidepressants which destroys her libido when all she may need is to get laid. I swear to god. Women who are not regularly laid are flapping in the wind…

Neurotic women, stressed out women, high strung women, even clumsy women need regular, intense orgasms to soothe and calm her nervous system.

And as messed up as it seems, if she’s in crappy mood, she wants sex even less, she rejects sex even more, and it seems nearly impossible to turn her on…

And if you were to suggest to your woman that she needs a good fucking when she’s in this state, not only would she argue and say that sex is the LAST thing on her mind, she’s quite likely to blow up in anger or freeze you out for weeks just for suggesting sex.

It doesn’t matter that you’re right.

It’s a dangerous downward spiral if you let her go unfucked for very long. Maybe you already have?

This is the best technique I’ve seen for men who want more sex from their partner or spouse in a long time.

I trust Alex. This Playmate Switch is POWERFUL. And I want you to try it.

Hey, I know the “novelty factor” wears off and it’s been hard on you.

But here’s the good news…

Once you know how to flip your woman’s secret Playmate Switch, you can supercharge her sex drive almost overnight.

When you know this secret, you can rekindle the spark in your relationship and return to those honeymoon days of fun, passionate sex-on-demand.

You can turn a cold, distant woman into your “naughty little girl” – by helping her banish her hidden sexual “roadblocks”… AND help her experience new levels of sexual satisfaction…

And you can enjoy the kind of deep intimacy and powerful erotic connection most couples only dream of… and give your woman the security and sexual confidence to drop her guard and finally give in to her deepest, darkest fantasies.

This secret Playmate Switch may sound like magic. But it’s not. It’s science.

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