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Simple Detox Routine For Weight Loss

All you need is 4 minutes a day to melt away the fat and sculpt lean, sexy muscle. Read on to discover a simple but effective fat loss plan you can easily follow. Perfect to start your 2019 right.

Imagine having over 100 pounds that you’ve been carrying on you all your life…

Then to have all that weight and pressure lifted off your knees, back, and joints.

It’s an amazing feeling.

The satisfaction of FINALLY losing all that excess weight off your body.

The sudden tidal wave of confidence that builds up in you the moment you see yourself in the mirror. Barely able to recognize yourself.

That’s how Josh Houghton felt when he figured out a way to lose over 100 pounds of unwanted body fat.

No exercise. No starving himself. No crazy medication.

Just a plain, simple detox method that takes him 4 minutes a day.

Sounds crazy, I know. But it’s true.


Josh was bullied ever since he was 9 years old.

Fat-shamed his entire life, borderline diabetic and moments away from having a fatal heart attack as an adult, josh was practically FORCED to figure out how to lose weight fast.

And it had to be dead simple and easy to follow.

What’s his fat loss secret?

Josh started drinking more soup. Specifically made with special herbs and spices he discovered from The Bible…

That activates a hormonal shift in his body, burning his excess body fat for energy like a machine.

Take a look at his transformation.  

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