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How She Can Subtly Get Men To Think About Her More Often

How She Can Subtly Get Men To Think About Her More Often

If there’s a guy you like, or have been with for a while…

You’ve probably wondered what you could do (that’s not too aggressive) to get him to think about you more often…

To consider taking you out for some fun…

To come up with experiences he wants to have with you…

To feel like you are the object of his affection.

Because each man has different likes and dislikes, different cultural upbringing, different life experiences, knowing how to  spark feelings of intoxicating love deep inside him takes skill.

But how, you ask?

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⇐ 7 Sweet, Simple Text Messages He Can’t Resist


My friend, Nick Bastion, has been a bastion — a stronghold — for women (both single and in relationships) seeking ways to spark fairytale romance and deep commitment from a man.

And he suggests sending a guy you want to have this level of relationship with these 7 texts. Then watch him fall for you HARD.

So now the question is…

Can text messages really make a guy go head over heels for you?

Well, these ones can.

These potent text messages spark an intense emotional rollercoaster ride in him that will stop him in his tracks, do a double-take and think about you…

In ways that mere guy friends don’t think about of a female friend.

Because these 7 sweet and simple texts plant “seeds of desire” inside his mind.

Seeds that keep growing and growing until they’ve fully bloomed into infatuation and obsession for you.

Sounds too good to be true?

You’ll never know unless you try sending these texts tonight.

Text him feelings he won’t be able to deny or resist… even if he wanted to.

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