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How To Spot An Online Dating Scam

How To Spot An Online Dating Scam

Online Dating Scams Revealed

Rick writes: “I’m 67, she’s 33. She’s crazy about me but we have yet to actually get physically together. I’m about to get into a serious relationship with her…”

Warning bells are sounding in my head as I read this.

You can read my reply —and if any of this seems related to your situation, please grab my ebook and protect yourself.

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Rick writes: “Susan, I have an important question, important to me anyway. I’m about to get into a serious relationship with a young lady half my age, she’s 33, & I’m 67. She is crazy about me but we have yet to actually get physically together, its a long story but a good one. I believe I can keep up with her I’m in relatively good health, its just I will feel funny going in public with her & people will stare guessing if we are a couple or a dad, daughter thing. I am a blue collar guy not a fancy dancy type so I am concerned. What do you think or can advise me on this unusual relationship, that is unusual for me anyway.”

Hi Rick,

I’m very glad you sought my advice. In public, I’d recommend you minimize romantic interactions. Society can be “ageist” in both directions.

The bigger issue is that though young women often do enjoy dating older men for a number of reasons, these relationships seldom last. As she matures, the odds are significant that you will become “too old” for her and she will leave you.

So I recommend that you have the most wonderful, wild love affair possible and enjoy what you have as long as it lasts. Give your heart to her, but know that for all the love you feel, there may well be some grieving afterward. Don’t let it stop you from loving her fully. The loss is nothing you can’t handle… broken hearts are simply indications of the deep love we crave.

The bigger issue here is that I’ve talked to way too many older men who have been taken advantage of by women. I know you cannot believe this might be true because you are currently under the spell of love hormones. You are likely rejecting this notion and shaking your head as you read these words.

But please hear me — men get taken for a LOT of money and feel like fools day in and day out all around the world. They share this with me because they can trust me. So I have heard MANY a story of being conned. And the fact that you are head over heels and she hasn’t yet been physical with you is a tell tale sign of warning.

Please download the free ebook I wrote about ways that men get scammed by women all over the world and at least READ IT.  If anything in there sounds an alarm, please check her out thoroughly.

I want only the best for you.

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