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Text Messages That Fill A Man’s Brain With Love

Text Messages That Fill A Man’s Brain With Love


Does it seem like your partner (or a guy you like) is pulling away? No longer taking your calls? Stopped replying to your messages?

When the person you love (or like) stops giving you the attention you want, or doesn’t even notice you at all, it feels like your world is coming to an end.

What do you say? How do you tell him something’s wrong? How do you pull him back?

Well, getting him back can be shockingly simple once you know the exact words to use. And in this case, the exact text messages to send him.

That’s right. There are “special” text messages that spark intense emotional intoxication in even the most uninterested, indifferent man.

This website explains how it works.

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These special texts aren’t magical, although they seem like it.

The reason they work is based on human psychology and science.

You see, certain words trigger a chemical release of pleasure and motivation in the human brain. These text messages are filled with these words that work especially for men.

That means, at the push of a button, these powerful text messages automatically spark an intense surge of obsessive desire, unexplainable devotion and eternal love in even the most guarded, cold and distant man.


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