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Ultimate KETO Beginner’s Guide

Ultimate KETO Beginner’s Guide

We here have talked about the keto diet several times before…

But some readers still have a tough time understanding how to do it right.

I mean, who can blame them?

The idea that “fat is healthy” and that you need to “eat fat to lose fat” is quite the jump considering we’ve been led to believe the opposite for decades.

So I looked for a “beginner’s guide” to the keto diet, and I found an article you may really like.

The author explains the keto diet in simple ways that I now believe everyone who’s new to the concept read this article first.


Here’s what the article talks about:

  • 4 steps to losing weight and living a healthy life with the keto diet
  • Which fatty foods are “healthy” and should be in your pantry
  • The magic number of calories you should have for carbs (if you want to ensure you get into keto easily)
  • The “keto flu”, what it is, and what to do about it
  • And the ONE thing you need besides healthy fats to make your keto journey easy and effective

The piece packs all this and more in easy to understand language.

And gives some helpful tips and advice just about anyone can follow.

You don’t have to be an athlete, a nutrition geek, or a “biohacker” to do keto right.

Just follow the 4 simple steps this article talks about…

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