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Biohackers’ Go-To Sexual Performance Booster

sexual performance

“I’m often asked, of all the protocols I’ve used to enhance sexual performance, which was the most immediately noticeable, without necessarily requiring fringe injections and thousands of dollars worth of stem cell therapy. Hands down, it would be the GAINSWave protocol.” — Ben Greenfield, fitness author, personal trainer, biohacker, nutritional consultant, and wellness advisor. 

As men age, microplaque builds up in the blood vessels of the penis. With environmental factors, not exercising enough, drinking and smoking, and a modern diet, “blockages” form in the blood vessels, leading to inefficient circulation, sexual health issues, and erectile dysfunction.

But aside from expensive (and possibly life-threatening) treatments, there are protocols to eliminate these blockages and restore sexual vitality.

Many men use GAINSWave treatments to reverse ED or fix Peyronie’s curvature.

However, some guys like Mark use it for Sexual Enhancement. 

Check out Mark’s GAINSWave experience by scrolling down below. 

If you’re interested in how GAINSWave can give YOU a sexual boost or revival, I recommend you download their FREE book to discover more about the GAINSWave protocol. 

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“I did get GAINSWave therapy. It’s great. The procedure is relaxing, and let’s be honest, anything stimulating the penis is great.

I’ve also been using the penis pump. I may have gotten a 1/4-1/2 inch longer, but my girth and hardness are going through the roof.

Nothing sounds better than having her say, “Baby, you’re so thick and hard.” One of my partners said, “I don’t need to pound my cervix, but spread my tunnel, and I’m all yours.” 

The results have been terrific. Very pleased. So much better than the blue pill.” — Mark (name changed to protect identity)

I’m a true believer in the GAINSWave protocol. That’s why I talk about it so often. I’ve recommended it each time I get the chance. Even my husband has had GAINSWave. 

Our good friend, Dave Asprey, a famous biohacker, has gone through the GAINSWave protocol and greatly recommends it.

If you’re interested in giving yourself (or if you’re a woman, your lover) a sexual performance boost, check out GAINSWave’s FREE downloadable book to discover more. 

Here’s what’s inside: 

  • How to give your package a much-needed tune-up
  • One potent sexual biohack your partner will love
  • Why regular maintenance is essential
  • What GAINSWave® is, how it works, and what to expect
  • Patient testimonials & clinical studies
  • How to find a provider & start the conversation
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