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Discover Which Type Of Music Puts Your Brain In Focused Flow

Discover Which Type Of Music Puts Your Brain In Focused Flow


“The two most important factors to massive success are (1) having a highly-specialized skill and (2) intense, unbreakable focus.”

Scientists have discovered that depending on your personality, there is a specific type of “music” that will put your brain into a “flow state.”

That means your brain is more capable of focus, presence, empathy, making better decisions, learning and understanding.

It literally “upgrades” your brain.

I’m telling you this because Tim and I invested in a company that creates wonderful “music” designed to give you more focus and presence when you work or study.

We play this music when we work. I listen to the app on my phone when I drive into the city. And sometimes we use it for lovemaking background music when we want to be very calm and flowy.

A lot of your struggles come from your inability to focus. It’s the same in your career, self-improvement, school, and even in our relationships.


Get this, in 2015 Microsoft Canada did a study that revealed the average person’s attention span was just 12 seconds. Five years later, it went down to 8 seconds — which is unfortunate because it’s one second lower than that of a goldfish.

Now there are merits to improving our focus. In his book, Deep Work, Cal Newport said the two most important factors to massive success are (1) having a highly-specialized skill and (2) intense, unbreakable focus.

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I’ve always said that Presence is one of the most crucial elements of any relationship. Without it, the “Honeymoon Phase” ends, desire declines, and the love seems like it’s fading away.

I know it’s pretty easy to blame technology and the internet on our lack of focus and presence. But there are other reasons why we can’t keep our head in the game.

  1. Lack Of Energy

When you’re tired, your body will not be able to focus. Your mind will want to bounce to something else hoping to fight the urge to sleep.

The same can be said in relationships. When you’re physically and emotionally tired, your brain (and heart) tries to look for something exciting.

Sometimes you just need to surrender to the idea of resting. It can be sleep. A nap. It can even mean getting some space in your relationship. A time-out from struggling and putting it off for something more important. Recovery.

  1. Lack Of Emotion

When I say emotion, I mean any form of investment into something. Investment in your career, your friends, family, and especially in your relationship.

When the emotion has gone away, it’s pretty tough to focus. That’s why it’s important to get in touch with what put you there in the first place. You know, your big “WHY.”

Why did you take this job? Why are you with this person?

Reconnecting with your big “WHY” can reignite the passion and emotion that was once there. And hopefully, it’s going to bring back your focus.

  1. Lack Of Excitement

I’ve said this a million times, long-term relationships are destined to fail if you just let them be. The “Honeymoon Phase” is only in the beginning. Once it fades, long-term relationships get boring. And when it’s boring, your focus wanes.

Same could be said with everything else. If you’re not excited, engaged, and having fun, your mind and body will look for an out. This will have negative effects in the long run.

That’s why smart people have been developing new ways to bring excitement, engagement and fun to the mundane things in life. Companies are finding ways to “gamify” work and self-improvement, relationship experts teach couples and lovers how to add spice and zing to their intimate lives.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, the smart people that developed “[email protected]” have something I believe can change your life for the better.

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