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How To Have A Steady Flow Of Amazing Women


Here’s a webinar by my friends Matt and Race who are dating coaches.


How to create opportunities for meeting high-quality women in everyday situations so you don’t have to rely on clubs, bars, or tinder.

How to have a steady flow of amazing women in your phonebook so you never spend another weekend alone.

How our clients routinely date women considered “out of their league” even if they are socially awkward, shy, or look like George Costanza…

How to turn every single date into the best night of her life so getting the kiss, the second date, or even invited up for a “night cap” becomes a normal occurrence…

How to keep the fire alive, so when it comes to finding that most amazing woman in the world she couldn’t even imagine being with anyone else.


She should have an amazing personality. A lifestyle you actually enjoy. A lust for life that matches yours. Ambition as high as Mt. Everest. And everything else you would want in a woman.

She should make you happy. She shouldn’t have toxic friends that she puts above your relationship. Your parents should absolutely LOVE her as much as you do.

That’s why you shouldn’t just settle for ANY woman that comes your way.

You deserve to have an endless flow of gorgeous women to meet, date, and choose. An amazing girlfriend. A fantastic lover. A wonderful partner. Whichever you want.

And that’s also why I want to introduce you to two of my amazing friends, Matt Kellam and Race DePriest, and their NEW Dating Masterclass, for which they’ve gladly let me share to my readers.

Matt and Race and two wonderful dating coaches who have helped men all over the world destroy social anxiety, pressure, and self-doubt.

Their approach is geared toward self-improvement and transforming you into the very best you can, so you can be more socially confident when it comes to creating amazing relationships with women.

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