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5 Fruits For Healthy Blood Flow Down There


I had dinner last night with a girlfriend of mine whose husband died on the golf course… only to be resuscitated with 11:28 minutes of CPR by his golfing buddy’s wife. She followed what 911 said exactly. They lifted his dead body on a golf cart and met the ambulance. The hospital cooled his body down while they worked on fixing his four clogged arteries… And HE LIVED! He literally returned from the dead.

Most of us know what “ED” stands for. Erectile dysfunction. Right?

But some folks are saying it also stands for “early death.”

Best-selling author Dr. Michael Greger, Ph.D. recently said…

“Men getting erection difficulties in their 40’s have a 50-fold increased risk of having a cardiac event, like sudden death.”

Harvard Health Publishing wrote that erection issues are often “the first warning sign” of a far more serious health issue in your heart.

This makes sense, considering ED is partly a circulation problem. And circulation problems are often linked with heart disease.

And while that may be heartbreaking, here’s some good news.

A Harvard-trained doctor recently discovered that you can solve both of these problems at once. He urges his clients to simply add 5 “firming” fruits to your diet.


This discovery originated from the Ancient Aztec ruler Montezuma, who was known as one of the most virile men in history.

The video explains how his secret was stolen, kept hidden, but passed down in secret by people like King Louis XIV, and the world’s most famous seducer Giacomo Casanova.

This erection-boosting, libido-blasting secret helps give healthy blood flow in your penis AND your heart.

Allowing you to live a long, healthy life. AND give you the power to deliver jaw-dropping performances for your partner. Performances you thought were a thing of the past.

It sucks that limp sexual performances and heart disease are linked so closely.

But the good news is that the root causes for BOTH these health problems can be resolved by just adding these 5 “Firming” Fruits to your diet.

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