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Add this Adult Sex Mat To Your Loverspace

Lauren Brim Mat: Fitness and Wellness

Sex is supposed to be steamy, hot, and exhilarating, I know.

But when it’s done, it can get messy.

From bodily secretions like semen, vaginal fluids, spit and sweat…

To lubes, oils, spilled champagne, beer, or even some melted chocolate…

Not to mention the mess from period sex, intense squirting orgasms, and such.

That’s why this is such a genius idea from my friend, Lauren Brim. It practically eliminates any kind of worry about the post-sex cleanup…

Giving you and your lover the ultimate peace of mind to surrender into erotic pleasure.


Your Loverspace is sacred. It’s the tiny moment in space and time you set aside for each other when you’re about to make love and express limitless passion.

The world stops. Everything is put on hold. Your focus is on you, your lover, and erotic pleasure only.

Your Loverspace could include lighting, scented candles, music, water, towels, pillows, toys, trinkets, costumes, foreplay, and whatever you want.

Yet, you can never completely go into your Loverspace if you’re worried about making a beautiful mess.

And believe me, women worry about making a mess all the time.

Whether she shows it or not.

Ladies, I know you get me. And if you’re a guy, your woman is constantly thinking about the mess while you’re making love.

To allow yourselves to fully surrender into pleasure and go all-in into your Loverspace, you’ll want to cleanse your mind from worries and distractions.

That’s why I suggest adding Lauren’s Adult Play Mat to your personal Loverspace. No more spillage on the sheets. No more mess.

You can now both fully enjoy sex. Whatever position. Whatever climax. Squirting. Anal. Threesomes.

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