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Know The Rules Of Polarity In Relationships And Sex

Know The Rules Of Polarity In Relationships And Sex

Sexual Polarity is the root of ATTRACTION.

It’s the cause of sexual tension, and it’s what we’re talking about when we say we feel “sexual chemistry” with someone.

How sexual polarity actually “works” is a bit of a mystery for most people.  We can all “feel” it when it’s there, but most of don’t know how to “do it on command.”

But TODAY, in the era of #metoo and #mgtow, sexual polarity has become even harder for most people to figure out.  

How are opposite genders supposed to be attractive to each other when being either masculine or feminine is considered “BAD”?  

These days you hear that women generally think that any man going out to a social gathering to “meet women” is a part of “rape culture,” and that they all fear masculinity as something “toxic”.  

Meanwhile you hear that all men complain that society is stacked against them and that everything from marriage to family court to the custom of paying on dates is designed to strip them of power and make them second class citizens.  

If being masculine is “toxic” and being feminine is “manipulative,” then how is sexual polarity supposed to work at all?

Well here is something interesting for you…


The term “Sexual Polarity” first appeared in the mid 1800s, and was coined by early feminists like Margaret Fuller as an alternative to the idea that men and women inhabited “separate worlds” (with separate rules, separate desires, and separate ideals).

The original idea of Sexual Polarity was to accommodate the idea that men and women could be of equal value and equal standing in society, and STILL HONOR AND ENJOY THEIR DIFFERENCES.

MOST OF US want exactly what the original feminists of the 19th Century wanted:

Equal rules and privileges in a way that still allows us to ENJOY the DIFFERENCES in our animal natures.

And that’s what my good and fellow relationship and sex coach, Alex Allman, reveals in his new program called Sexual Communication.

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⇐ NEW Sexual Communication Program

If you want a full, in-depth training on Sexual Polarity and how to create sexual tension in your relationships with the opposite sex, then I recommend you it out.

This is the most direct, straight-forward, and effective way to create and keep sexual attraction with the opposite sex, and it’s entirely based on Alex’s 30-plus years of his own mistakes and experiments, and 10-plus years of working one-on-one with men, women, and couples on their most difficult issues around attraction, relationship, and sex.

From the first glance across a room, to first sexual touch, to the soft kiss on the back of the neck that sends a thrill down the spine of your partner… even after years together…

Developing a skill-set around sexual polarity and Sexual Communication  is one of the most important keys to enjoying romantic relationships and a great love life with confidence.

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