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Burned? Consider theCream®

Burned? Consider theCream®


350℉ burns?

One night in a Marriott hotel room in Flower Mound, Texas I was curling my hair for an early-morning video interview. We turned on our current favorite binge-watching show, Versailles, about King Louis X14th of France.

Something on the show caught my eye as I grabbed my curling iron. I grabbed the hot end of the barrel by accident and severely burned all my fingers and thumb.

It was so painful!

Tim ran to get a bucket of ice. I stuck my hand in the room refrigerator while I waited for him to run down the hall.

The minute he returned I submerged my blistering hand. If I took it out for even 30 seconds the pain was almost unbearable.

I DID NOT want to go to the emergency room late at night in the middle of small town Texas. So I went to bed propped up on pillows with the ice bucket inside the drawer of the nightstand and my hand resting in it.

Visions of my skin falling off my hand filled me with fear. Worry that I wouldn’t be able to do the video interviews unsettled me.

About 3 o’clock in the morning I was finally able to take my hand out of the water and dry it off. The pain began to lessen. I remembered the story of the woman in Victoria (Vancouver Island, Canada) who had gum surgery. She was told to rub theCream®, a colostrum-based formula on her gums. Her dentist was surprised at how fast she healed. It’s so safe you can eat it.

I had theCream® with me as that is my preferred facial cream now. I wrapped my hand in theCream®.

The next day I asked the housekeeping team for a nitrile glove. I coated my burns in theCream® and covered it with the glove.

I reapplied theCream® throughout the day. And in less than 24 hours those burns were almost invisible. theCream®’s healing abilities was nothing short of miraculous.

I feel even better about recommending this luxurious, healthy cream to you and, if you have one, your partner. They make a his and hers version.


The creator of theCream® is a doctor who saw that his chemotherapy patients who were dying from cancer had a huge toxic load. He attributed their cancer to these toxins. The toxins came in great part from the lotions and potions they slathered on their bodies their whole lives.

And he vowed to make a completely natural skin care and feminine care line of toxin-free creams that women and men could use that were biologically alive to actually assist the skin to be healthy.

Based on colostrum, which starts the process of life. Colostrum rebuilds the cells after chemo and has everything a cell needs to burst into full power.

Your sexual vitality is your life vitality. If you’re not running on full power, you’re missing your pleasure potential.

The recognized properties of colostrum include: quenching inflammation, allergy control, helpful for Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive disorders, lessening arthritis pain, reducing the damage of autoimmune diseases, cancer control, detoxing, heart health, diabetes and skin health and wound healing.

Most of these effects are obtained by strengthening the immune system.

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In the early stages of development of theCream®, when supplies started to run low temporarily, some women almost panicked, they were so accustomed to the benefits of the cream and did not want to be without it.

If you’re going to try theCream®, get the three bottle discount price. If you only get one you’re just going to have to reorder. It’s that wonderful.

It smells great.

It feels great.

My skin looks gorgeous.

And it’s healthy. And so is my fully healed burn!


No more expensive department store or cheap drug store skin creams for me EVER. They do not care about your health. They are not biologically active. And they will erode your vitality over time.

I wish I could have a big bathtub full of theCream® to soak in every day. I am totally endorsing theCream®. My name, Susan Bratton stands behind theCream®.

You have a money back guarantee. See for yourself you’ll love this.

Be handsome. Be beautiful. Be touchable. Be young. Be sexy.

I’m in!

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I have ordered theCream® over and over again. I just can’t get enough of it. I order three bottles at a time even though it lasts a long time because I don’t want to run out. It’s my GO TO cream now.

I also wrote to the CFO, Shala to ask about what was organic in the product and what was not. Just to be super clear.

Here is what she wrote back:

Hi Susan, I’m the CFO and co-owner of theCream® range of healthy skin care products.


The USDA uses the following description for Organic:


Organic: The term organic refers to an ecological method of agricultural production that respects the natural environment. Organics focuses on enhancing the health and vitality of the soil, preserving biodiversity, promoting animal welfare and preserving the ecological integrity of our environment. In the United States, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) determines whether a food meets the requirements of “certified organic.”. Not all organic growers go through the process of becoming certified organic, even though they grow organically.


Organic is a growing method or production method by certified growers – however many small family run farms are growing organically and, in some case, even more thoroughly but haven’t the means or ability to go through the rigorous accreditation. Of course, we agree that those than can and have done so are the first source for our ingredients.


The term Organic is often used in marketing and can confuse the customer – by assuming that if the product says organic that it is safe. We disagree, a product may be using organic ingredients, however if they are also using chemical preservatives, parabens etc. – then the body can’t readily accept the organic food of the product. The body then must protect itself and store those unrecognizable elements in the cells – which over a long period of time can create serious health issues. This is what we mean by biological knowledge.


You are correct that not all our ingredients can be stated as certified organic – which as you most likely know is something the FDA takes very seriously in cosmetic labelling. We are very transparent with our ingredient listing, much more so than many natural cosmetics. We contract our production to a fully accredited GPA & FDA approved facility. Each ingredient under those accreditations is required to be fully vetted at the farm level as well and further testing to meet those standards before any ingredient can be used in any production.


Each production run for theCream® is testing immediately after production and a Certificate of Analysis is provided. We test for Total Plate count, Staph, Salmonella, E.Coli, Yeast, Mold & Coliform. All our products have also gone through the further step of rigorous testing and vetting called EU approval.


We are a small company that for the past 6 years has been creating a healthy skin care range of products that doesn’t add any toxic elements to the body. We have many satisfied customers that have overcome serious skin issues using our products. That being said we are always learning and looking for ways to improve and we take your feedback seriously and appreciate you taking the time to do so.


Kind regards,

This is a company that makes a great product, is transparent and cares about their ingredients.

When was the last time the CFO of your cream company got back to you?


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