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Sexting Cheat Sheet

Sexting Cheat Sheet

If you’re not a poet, you need a cheat sheet of tested texts that get her in the mood for sex. Read on to learn how to start sexting…

“The biggest sex organ is her brain.”

Sexting is a way to light up her mind with exciting ideas of sexual adventure.

But if you’re not a poet, you need a cheat sheet of tested texts that get her in the mood for sex.

My friend and fellow dating expert Richard LaRuina say these tested texts WILL get you laid… and they even work for married guys.

Texting is a lowkey, grade-A seduction secret.


Imagine if you could push a few buttons on your phone and have guaranteed sex…

Sex with a beautiful stranger you just met, a hot friend from work, an old fling…

And super steamy sex dates with your girlfriend or wife.

These potent and seductive text messages have proven to get past a woman’s BS filter…

And hit her straight in her primal desire system.

So even if she’s pretending she doesn’t like you…

Or even if she doesn’t know you that well enough to sleep with you…

Or if the flame of intimacy in your relationship is flickering…

Even if your lover is pissed off at you after a little squabble…

You can STILL get your woman to think about, fantasize, and CRAVE sex with you.

Like the texts that FORCE her to change her pre-existing plans on the spot and instead head right over to your place for some panty-soaking fun.

Or the sneaky messages that trigger a woman’s production of the “love hormone” oxytocin, flooding her mind and body with urges and sensations that lead her to lust over you.

Or the “trust-building” texts you send if you’re trying to hook up with a beautiful stranger, reconnect with an ex-lover, or rebuild the wall of trust after a little “lover’s quarrel” with your wife or girlfriend.

Just maybe, you may also want to take it to the edge and use the “threesome-inciting” texts that get women closer and closer to considering getting naughty with you AND another woman.

Think about that.

After you get these texts, your sex life will never be the same.

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