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5 Super Collagen Food Sources For Female Health

5 Super Collagen Food Sources For Female Health

Check out my favorite supplements for Collagens, Enzymes, Essential Oils, Immune Boosters, and so much more. Perfect for boosting health and immune protection. Read on to learn about signs of collagen deficiency.

Have you heard the term collagen-deficient?

Drooping neck skin, drying hair, or brittle nails are WARNING signs of collagen deficiency.


Did you know that collagen will also boost your sex drive and improve your vaginal health? It’s true.

Studies show that collagen can help tighten up the vaginal muscles weakened by the normal aging process and childbearing.

And that’s great since “vaginal looseness” can lead to a loss of sensation during sex, inability to orgasm, or fewer orgasms during sex.

signs of collagen deficiency


According to the new research I just read, the problem is that many expensive collagen supplements are useless.

Why? Because they are INCOMPLETE.

They are missing 4 of the 5 MOST important types of collagen. These 5 “super collagens” work TOGETHER to support glowing skin, gorgeous hair, healthy nails, and best of all, increase your sex drive and tighten your vagina. 

There is only one collagen powder that is truly complete. And works. It’s got ALL 5 “super collagens.” Plus, it’s loaded with a unique vitamin that fully activates the collagen inside your body.

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I recommend THIS Organixx collagen because of its “Clean” status. It’s from pasture-raised, grass-fed Argentinian cows who have no added hormones.

My friend Parvati has been educating me about the dangers of non-organic everything. Organic collagen is HARD to locate. And this brand, Organixx, is of the highest quality I have seen. I love their formulations. They appeal to the “Whole Foods Mom,” which I guess I am! Clean. Healthy. But no wrinkles for me. OMG!

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